Final Awarding Ceremony Choir "Les Chanteurs du Comminges" , France Sagrada Família Lloret Main Beach Choir of the University in Louvain,Belgium Adoramus Mixed Choir, Slovenia Sa Caleta Beach Santa Clotilde Gardens Choir "Gallerie"  from Helsinki, Finland The Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir , Iceland Choir ATH Bielsko-Biala, Poland Choir "Melody" from Navsie, Czech Republic International Jury 2014 Girls Choir "Cantabile", Poland Choir,,Inspiration,, from Ivanovo, Russia A Croche Choeur, France

Enrolments for the 8th International Choral Competition ,,Canco Mediterrania,, Lloret de Mar, Barcelona 2018 (see the Application Form) must be postmarked by registered mail. Enrolments and the other requested documents may be sent by e-mail too.

Enrolments will be registered in order of arrival. Enrolments are subject to the approval of the organizing Committee whose decision will be confirmed to selected groups by e-mail .

The groups selected must confirm their application by e-mail as soon as possible, and will then receive a circular giving all further details.

They will need to :

a) Pay of 150 Euros towards the registration fees

b) Send not later than the 15th of Juni 2018 the Repertoire Form and six copies of each work chosen for the class or the classes entered. Copies of the scores will not be given back.

Registration fee : 150 Euro( per choir). The registration fee must be paid by bank transfer. The entrance fee of 150 eur allows the participation in 4 categories of music ( without paying extra for participating in each competition category ).


       TheInternational Choir Festival and Competition ,,Canco Mediterrania,, and Pau Casals Choir Competition 2016 includes five categories (S, F, C, P, PC) and a special category (CH-children choirs).

The same competing Group may participate in all the five categories, if it wish.

Category S
Sacred Choral Music

number of singers  unlimited

number of pieces  3

maximum total duration of programme   15 minutes


Category F

number of singers   unlimited

number of pieces   unlimited

Minimum total duration of programme 5 minutes

maximum total duration of programme   12 minutes

pieces with instrumental accompaniment   no limit

Category C
Catalan Music

In the category Catalan Music each choir to perform two works.

Category P

number of singers  unlimited

number of pieces:  2

maximum duration of programme   10 minutes

pieces with instrumental accompaniment   no limit

Category PC: Pau Casals Composition

number of singers  unlimited

number of pieces   1

Category :Children choirs

number of pieces  unlimited

maximum duration of programme   15 minutes (pure singing time)

pieces with instrumental accompaniment   - no limit


Choirs will be judged according the following criteria:






The jury may award a maximum of 100 points for each choir, as follows:

95,01-100,00:           Outstanding

85,01-95,00:             Excellent

80,01-85,00:             Very Good

75,01-80,00:             Good

60,01-75,00:             Moderate

According to the mark achieved, Bronze, Silver and Goldand Excellent Gold Diplomas will be awarded. If the choir does not achieve a Diploma (mark under 60,01) it will receive a certificate of participation.

Diploma-Level  Points

Bronze Diploma     60,01 75,00

Silver Diploma     75,01 85,00

Golden Diploma     85,01 95,00

Excellent Golden Diploma 95,01 100,00

Failure to comply with specific rules of time may result in a lower assessment team by 5 points.


When submitting an entry form you must include a short bio of the Choir (max. 1200 characters, spaces included) and a high quality digital picture of the Choir and conductor.

All entry forms must be submitted por emailto: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Choral Competition ,,Canco Mediterrania,,Pau Casals Choir Competition

Barcelona, Lloret de Mar

C.Masia del Roser 11, 3/2

17310 Lloret de Mar Spain

Tel:+34 972 36 15

english,francais,italian ,spanish                                                  

(opening hours 10-13 : 16-19 from monday tofriday)                                                  

+34 972 377 058 spanish ,polish, russian                                                    


          Ninety per cent of all members of a choir, except the conductor, must be amateurs (i.e. people who do not earn their main livelihood as singers).

The International Jury reserves the right to refuse entry to any choir to any class.

The Jurys decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding any aspect of its decision.

Broadcasting and Recording Rights

It is a condition of participation that any choir must agree:

a) that any performance it gives during the Festival may be broadcast live and/or recorded for subsequent broadcast on radio and/or television without payment to the choir. All broadcasting rights to any performance at the Festival shall belong to the Festival which will be free to dispose of them as it sees fit.

Competition Rules:

Please read the rules very carefully as they contain all the details necessary as to the choice of a choirs programme and the criteria for adjudication. Each choir must be familiar with the rules.


If you require a piano for accompaniment during the Competition please make sure that you request the same on the Repertoire form which must be submitted before the 15th of Juni 2017.

Music stands:

Music stands will be provided by the Organisers at the Competition venue.

Organizers and cooperators

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